The Seychelles Islands are one of the last places on Earth that have not become a spot for mass tourism.  They form a stable, hot equatorial weather archipelago of timeless beauty, tranquillity and harmony. The SEYCHELLES Islands are a favoured holiday destination, especially thanks to their white sand beaches, warm, sky-blue sea and unique fauna and flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  One's attention is also drawn to several million of years old granite rocks, having the shape of outstanding formations created by water and sand.

The Seychelles Islands are a colourful mixture of many different races, cultures and religions, the influence of which can be seen in the arts, architecture, music, dance and cuisine.  

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The main island of the Seychelles archipelago is the MAHÉ ISLAND, which has its own international airport and the capital of which is Victoria. The Inner Islands Mahé, PRASLIN and LA DIGUE form a unique cultural and economic world of Seychelles and the main holiday destination of the archipelago, as there are most of the hotels, apartments and private villas situated there. Other inhabited islands are Fregate, Silhoutte, North, St. Anne and Cousine.

Tourism represents the main source of income for Seychelles.  There are more than 150,000 tourists from all over the world coming to the Seychelles Islands to spend their holiday, especially because of beautiful white-sand beaches (some of the Seychelles beaches belong to the TOP 10 beaches of the world), untouched nature and unique underwater world.

The second most significant source of income for the Seychelles inhabitants is represented by fishing and fish processing. They, however, also focus on the export of coconuts, cinnamon and vanilla. 


Interesting facts about Seychelles:

  • None of the buildings can be higher than a palm tree;
  • In order to preserve the character and natural resources of the Seychelles Islands, its government have stipulated limits for the number of tourist beds;
  • UNESCO's World Heritage Site - the Albadra Island with its over 150,000 turtles;
  • UNESCO's World Heritage Site - the Vallé de Mai National Park, the Praslin Island, where unique double coconuts called Coco de Mer that resemble the dismembered lower part of a woman's body, grow;
  • The Beau Vallon and the Anse Intendence beaches (the MAHÉ Island), the Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette beaches (the Praslin Island) and the ANSE SOURCE D´ARGENT beach (the La Digue Island) rank amongst the most beautiful beaches of the world. 
Formal name

Republic of Seychelles République des Seychelles (Fr.) / Repiblik Sesel (Creol.)

Local name: Seychelles
WWW official web side of Seychelles
Location South Africa
Capital Victoria (the Mahé Island)
Population 90.024 (2012 estimate)
Area 459 km²
Currency Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Language Creole, English, French

Catholics 82%, Anglicans, Protestants,

Muslim, Hindu and Bahaist community

living on the Mahé, Praslin and La Digue islands.