Seychelles Transportation

Air transport Seychelles

Seychelles International Airport VICTORIA is situated only 11 km south-east of Victoria on the main island Mahé.

Official website of Seychelles International Airport VICTORIA


International flights connect Seychelles with Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. At Seychelles International Airport VICTORIA, where the local airway Air Seychelles is located, domestic flights connecting the islands land and take off throughout the day. 

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Apart from the airway Air Seychelles, also the planes of companies like Air Austral, Air France, Condor, Emirates, Etihad, and Kenya Airways land at  Seychelles International Airport VICTORIA.

Official website of airline companies offering flights to Seychelles.


Sea transport Seychelles

Apart from air transport, there is also sea transport available between some of the islands. Modern catamarans will take you fast and comfortably from the island MAHÉ to PRASLIN and LA DIGUE.

Cat Cocos - ferry service between the islands Mahé, Praslin, La Digue


Road transport

Main meansof public transport on the islands MAHÉ and PRASLIN is bus service. Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (STPC) provides bus service on 41 routes and more than 65 thousand local inhabitants and visitors to Seychelles are driven by bus. More than 600 bus trips are organised daily on the island Mahé and on the island Praslin it is more than 100 bus trips every day. The routes are predefined and lump sum is SCR5 /person. The air-conditioned bus service offers bigger comfort for little higher price  SCR10/person. 

Bus service company Mahé, timetable


Car rental is available on some of the islands, the cars are driven on the left and maximum speed limit out of town is 65 km/h and in town only 40 km/h, on the island Praslin it is 40 km/h everywhere.

Car rental service on the island Mahé