Mahé Island

This largest (154 km2) and quite mountainous island with rank vegetation and the highest hill of the SEYCHELLES Islands (Morne Seychellois 905m) is an international gate to the archipelago. The capital of the Mahé Island, Victoria, which has its own international airport, harbour, schools and bars and restaurants is, at the same time, the capital of the Seychelles Islands There are around 70,000 inhabitants living in the Mahé Island representing 90% of the archipelago population.  The island that is 28 km long and no more than 8 km wide, is the result of igneous granite rock formation. 

The island is skirted by 68 beautiful beaches with fine sand, the most of which are suitable for diving.  One of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Mahé Island is the Beau Vallon beach.

  • Seychelles, Eden Island - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Anse Major - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Sant Anne - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Victoria - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Clock Tower - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Port Glaud - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Sant Anne - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Yachting - Mahe Island
  • Seychelles, Hindu Temple - Mahe Island

Another well-known Mahé beach is Anse Intendence famous for its "wild" waves.  One of the most stunning places of the island is Jarden du Roi located close to the Anse Royal beach.  The Grande Anse is a beach ideal fro surfing lovers.  The Marine National Park surrounding the island is known for its rare coral formations and exotic kinds of fish.

An exploring ride along the Mahé coast skirted by tea plantations and forests takes no more than 2,5 hours.

The Mahé Island is the most visited of the islands. There are many different kinds of celebrations, and cultural and sports events taking place there. 


VICTORIA – the capital of the Mahé Island and the Seychelles Islands

The city was established in the 18th century by French soldiers. It was named VICTORIA after the Queen Victoria, who ruled the archipelago at that time.  Currently, there are about 29,000 people living there and it is the only town on the island. The model of the London Big Ben, the Clock Tower, is one of Victoria's symbols.  A characteristic feature of the town centre are colonial wood houses with colourful façades, window frames and roofs.  The local market, where sellers offer their goods in the French, English and Creole languages is also worth seeing and every visitor should definitely experience its atmosphere. 


The place that is particularly attractive to tourists are sports centres offering different types of water sports.  The unique underwater world of the Indian Ocean and its rare coral formations and exotic fish are the Paradise to divers and a great place for those keen on fishing.  You will never forget your visit of the tea plantations or walks and hiking tours along wild hills and marked trails of the island national parks. 




From the island of Mahé you can use regular shipping or air transport to get to the islands of PRASLIN and LA DIGUE.