Seychelles Islands - Acitivities


The beautiful bright-blue sea of the Seychelles Islands provides many opportunities for ship cruises to remember.  In different locations of the Seychelles archipelago, there is a vast number of canals and safe moorings. This means that it is an ideal place for cheap holiday cruises and boat trips.  International and local cheap-cruise companies offer a wide range of special cruises with a captain and crew on board. 

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With its 115 islands scattered over the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles Islands offer many opportunities for diving.  The waters of the Indian Ocean around the archipelago hide an amazingly rich underwater life.  The warm and peaceful sea surrounding the Seychelles Islands is the home to different kinds of fish, turtles and coral offering one-of-the-kind views for divers and people, who enjoy snorkeling.



The Seychelles Islands have one of the richest fisheries in the world. Fishing at the archipelago is an experience for the both, experienced anglers and anglers-beginners. Local travel agencies organise angling trips. You can go for half-day or all-day trips.  Each crew of local fishing ships have their own favourite spots, where they like taking those interested in angling.


Island Hopping

Unlike other holiday destinations, the Seychelles Islands cover a wide range of islands, of which each has its unique character and history.  Whether you decide to take a one day trip to one of the granite islands or decide to stay longer on one spot, Seychelles offer unique experience. There is regular transport by air and sea available from Mahé Island to the surrounding ones. You can even take a helicopter to venture to different islands from Mahé.


Beach combing

Discover beautiful virgin beaches with fine white sand and explore the breath-taking Seychelles coastline.